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Rhinoplasty Surgery
Both men and women in the Houston area who are deeply dissatisfied with the size or shape of their noses are turning more and more to rhinoplasty. This type of surgery Houston can enhance not only a Houston patient’s looks but their self-confidence, which can enhance both personal and professional encounters. In the United States, about half a million people have rhinoplasty every year. It is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery.

What Happens with Houston Rhinoplasty?
Before the surgery, the doctor takes a medical history of surgery Houston Rhinoplasty patient to make sure that they don’t have any pre-existing conditions that could complicate the surgery or the patient’s recovery. For example, people who are still growing are not good candidates for rhinoplasty. Because of this, it is usually not performed on girls under 13 or boys under 15. People who smoke need to give up smoking before the operation and anticoagulants should be discontinued at least two weeks before the surgery.

The doctor then lets the patient know what options they have for nasal reshaping. He will measure the patient’s face, take photographs and discuss the possible outcomes and risks of the operation. A patient who is considering Houston rhinoplasty should come prepared with a list of questions for the doctor and even the staff who will be assisting him or her.

Men and women often want different things from rhinoplasty. Women generally want a smaller nose, while men are pleased with one that is a bit larger than their old one. Women also want a straight profile, while men can be happy with a slight bump.

The Surgery Itself
Before Houston Rhinoplasty, the patient is given sedation or a general anesthesia which puts them to sleep. Houston rhinoplasty can be closed or open. In a closed plastic surgery, the surgeon works inside of the nose. This cuts down on the appearance of scars. In an open procedure, the flesh between the nostrils called the columella is cut. This type of surgery tends to be easier for the surgeon, but it may lead to some scarring and takes a longer time for the patient to recover from.

Houston Rhinoplasty can be done on an outpatient basis, which means the surgery Houston patient can often go home shortly after the operation. However, the patient will need someone to take them home after the surgery and stay with them after the first night or two.

To reshape a large nose, the surgeon may remove nasal cartilage or bone. Cartilage is also used for reshaping. This cartilage may come from the septum.

After the surgery Houston rhinoplasty, the Houston rhinoplasty specialist redrapes the nasal tissue and skin and sutures it. Packing, splints and bandages are also added to the surgical site to help with healing. Some bruising and swelling are inevitable, but these should go away after a few weeks. It also may take up to a year before the new, desired profile can be seen.

The rhinoplasty specialist gives the patient instructions on how to care of the plastic surgery wound and gives them a schedule of appointments. These appointments let the doctor know that all is going well after the plastic surgery. The doctor also prescribes medications for pain and topical medications to guard against infection. Houston Texas Rhinoplasty

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